Welcome to my new BLOG! Yeah, I hate that stupid word. How about Online Journal? That sounds so much more literary. I’ve decided it might be of use to try and keep some record of my experiences as I am on this journey to leave behind the whole career thing and follow a different calling. Going back to college has been a dream for as long as I can remember, and actually achieving it is still somewhat surreal. I keep expecting someone to jump out and say “Just Kidding! Back to Work you SLACKER!”

Of course, people could say that now. I am about to have difficulty meeting my financial obligations, the ones I obtained when I was flush with corporate cash, and the challenge will be: what to do then. Right now I am trying several novel approaches. I have attempted to HIRE a designer to complete my own small business ID materials rather than depending on the charity of former colleagues. I have started simply praying for some unusual solution, and since God kind of told me to do this right now, I think its incumbent upon him to help me figure it out. I have practiced the spiritual resolve of loss, meaning I am imagining worst case scenarios and accepting them. I am also looking into Fellowships and other alternate means of funding.

Despite that as a backdrop, I am having the most incredible experiences in my classes so far.

I am taking “Creating the American Nation” a course that looks at early American history from the first colonies at VA and MA through the civil war. The professor specializes in Southern History and culture. How CONVENIENT, since the first film I want to make is about the roots of cultural differences in the South and North and how that defines race relations. Needless to say, this class is making some very interesting light bulbs go off.

Second, I am taking Film Production I, with a Professor Amy Gerber-Stroh. This was the most intimidating course intially because right away we were told that by the 3rd class we had to have an idea for a short, black and white, up to 6 minute silent film. The reading is challenging, my photography skills are all self taught and I am learning a lot of jargon. By the 2nd class I felt a lot better, I had three fully developed stories that came to me within the 2 days between classes, by the third class I had story boarded out the best one and contacted the Virginia film board to get contact info for location assistance at Arlington National Cemetery. I get to check out the Bolex camera on Friday for the first time and plan on shooting some test film on Friday afternoon, Sat a.m. and Sun a.m.

My third class is the most fun, because its Introduction to Film as Narrative Art. We watch a film a week, we discuss it, we write a few mini-themes during the course and we read a great book about film appreciation.  We’ve watched Down by Law, Bloood Simple and Modern Times so far. Most of the movies we will be seeing, I have already seen, but there are a few that will be new to me. The first two were new…I like Down by Law a lot. I appreciated the art of Blood Simple. I love the poignant sweetness of Modern Times. How effortlessly Chaplain managed to entertain and express social commentary. I hope I can achieve something like that one day.

Then I also have piano, which is the hardest class. I am actually learning something completely new, it requires me to make an effort and this is actually a novel feeling for me and it is delightful. I had more of a feeling of achievement when I got through Mr. Frog is full of hops without a mistake than when I got an A+ on my mini-theme in Film as Narrative Art.

I am also a writer and Business Manager for the paper, Columns so I am working on a couple of stories for that this week. I am doing a local restaurant review. I ate there for lunch and dinner this week. We are also adding a new feature that introduces a new professor on campus each issue. I have the first professor, my Film Prod teacher. I am interviewing her via phone tomorrow. I would like to come up with some interesting standard, even humorous questions that we ask every professor like they used to do on the Daily Show.  (5 questions)

Today I have chaplaincy studies for my chaplain internship and then my part time job tonight.

More later!


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