Monday evening, what a feeling.

I have just watched the season finale of Saving Grace. While I enjoyed the show, I am disapointed that I will now have to wait almost a year to see another episode. Holly Hunter is superb and the character of her “last chance” angel Earl has the most captivating laugh/giggle/chuckle. I think his laugh sums him up so well. It’s full of delight, knowing and a kind of carefree innocence at the same time. It’s nice to see that some creative people in television are working to elevate the medium.

I have had a couple of bad migraine days and that has been a damned inconvenience. A little history on those, I’ve had them for 20 years now, but this summer my normal medications suddenly stopped working as well. I also developed troubling new symptoms like: the entire right side of my body having a migraine, nausea, vertigo, vision and hearing impairment on that side. It’s called a hemiplegic migraine.

So last night after taking all the normal medications and still having no relief, I gave up and went to the ER for a shot of a super anti-inflammatory named Toradol. It helped a lot. Unfortunately, it wore off pretty quickly and the migraine was back this a.m. I have been taking so much anti-nausea, anti-vertigo, and pain medication today that I have been seeing everything through a layer of gauze. The worst thing is that despite all that medication, the migraine is still there… and when I say the entire right side of my body, I mean inside as well as out. I can feel my internal organs. It’s like half of my insides has a headache.

Isn’t that the yuckiest thing? I can’t even begin to try to explain the weirdness that is my migraines to the regular people I interact with every day. I just swallow the pills and keep trying to push through. I think I may have to go to a new neurologist though and try something more aggressive or experimental. These new, weirder symptoms are just too much of a pain in the ass.

The other stories today are:

-My Film Production teacher canceled class because she has a bad virus and is in the hospital! I am worried about her and hope she is alright. I plan on spending the day filming tomorrow to test the camera. I am also writing a new screenplay and shotlist since “Late” my previous film is going to have to be shelved for a while. At least until the 33+ funerals a day at Arlington slow down. (To quote the media relations person.) Kinda’ makes you think huh? Why isn’t that shit on CNN?

-I am considering dropping Piano class, even though its my favorite due to the lack of practice time and because this spate of migraines has made me concerned that I will not be able to keep up. Can’t really play if one side of your body isn’t working right.

-I have sent out the inquiry to the National Cathedral about starting an internship program there for Hollins as per my goals as a student chaplain.

-I have located the grant writing information for the Lily Foundation to request funds to further develop the student chaplain program at Hollins, again as per my goals.

-I attended the weekly newspaper meeting and my stories are on track. Looks like I may have a bit of a showdown with the Dean of Tech about the platform the school will be using to serve the newspaper on. The advisors and I hope we can convince the school to use an outsourced platform favored by most universities so that we will have maxium flexability and feature robustness. It will also enable me to sell and monitor ad inventory effectively, one of my responsibilities as Business Manager of the paper.

-Tomorrow is Senate, and also the day I will probably take the Quantitative Reasoning placement test online. If I test highly, I will be able to skip taking one of the quantitative classes required by the curriculum.

-I have registered as a freelancer at and also am looking into a work from home option for another company so that I have more time to study. If I get my own business up and running, this point will be moot, but until then…

-I am thinking of trading in the Audi for a newer Nissan Altima. I really like the new ones…I drove a rental while my car was in the shop and it’s a powerful little beast: swift, agile, tight and has a bigger engine that my car. It’s got all kinds of bells and whistles…the must have heated seats, the available Bose sound system, a button instead of a key. With it and the iPhone I would feel more like myself, St.Jon of the future. 🙂

-I SO need to go to DC this weekend. So I am planning to. Go to the Cathedral, get my hair done, do some filming. Buy some Curly Wurly bars at the British teashop in Loudoun county. (Curly Wurly bars are the bestest candy bars in the world, they are exactly like the old Marathon bar that was sold in the good old USA until 1981.

And that’s pretty much it for today.

The only thing I neglected to mention is that I attended the 10:00 a.m. service on Sunday and saw the new rector we just called give his first sermon here. I was very pleased with his preaching ability. He was insightful, inspirational, concise, evocative and even used a movie reference. Kudos! You can read a copy of it by visiting the St.John’s website or by clicking Sermons.


2 thoughts on “Monday evening, what a feeling.

  1. Hello,

    I have been having episodes of hemiplegic migraines for 22 years. I find it a bit ironic that your usual meds stopped working…..recently so have mine. A bit discouraging but still trying to find some answers on what sets my migraines off. I would like to correspond with you and possibly it might be helpful to both of us to share details of our migraines. Reading your online journal “blog” you seem very busy and hope you have the time to write back. Take care and be well.

    As always, Baylee


  2. Hey Baylee,

    Thanks for the comment. I would love to chat about your migraines as I have never met anyone with similar symptoms. You can contact me via my facebook page. Just click on the link in the blogroll and you’ll be able to get my email address over there. I couldn’t find you on WordPress….


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