Too much to do…better get started


I have a billion things to do and I am trying to figure out how to fit them all in.I need to go get an extra spool of film, and a light kit from the art building in case I make a movie this weekend.

I had an idea about shooting a documentary about the folks at Outback, asking them a question or two and having them hold up their answers on a whiteboard. It’s about the way dreams change as you grow up…or how they die, evolve, grow. They are having a server meeting on Saturday at noon, so I could just let people know to come a little early and start filming and see what I come up with.

I had an idea for a very compelling short documentary about self segregation in Mobile. I am thinking if I can’t do it now, or can’t get the cathedral J-term internship set up in time, that I might make it over J-term using scholarship funds from SGA and Hobbie.

I need to clear all this with the proprietor at Outback, get the props, make a flyer to post today, take my QR placement test, go get my hair done, straighten out a paypal snafu, and build the shot list.

Oh and I would like to go to the Eid dinner tonight.

I also plan on going to DC immediately following the shoot tomorrow for dinner with a friend and church at the Cathedral on Sunday.

Let’s see if I manage it all, or what actually happens.

This ought to be fun.


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