Well then…

I am off to DC. I had a change of plans. Couldn’t snag a light kit so I am going to go and see if I can get some shots in Arlington anyway. I think I will try and see the horse races while I am up there too, and of course go to the cathedral.

Best of all I have an appointment at my favorite salon, so I can get a little pampering.  I admit it, I miss some of the world I left behind, and that is one of the things I miss the most….getting to be a little bit of a princess.

Still owe Columns a story, but waiting on some editorial feedback before I finish it off.

I have the Chaplain Facebook group up to date from my point of view, I am hoping the rest of the ladies get a chance to add their stuff before we do a PR push.

I also put in a call to Rev. Barkley Thompson’s office. I hope to get an appointment with him soon about discernment.

~Ciao bueno~


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