Roanoke, sweet, Roanoke

My trip to DC had highlights (the salon) and low points, (it was easily 90 degrees when I walked all over Arlington National Cemetery shooting film) but overall it was a  success. Another low point: I have to stop going to Salon Bleu in Tyson’s because despite the excellence of the work that they do, it is literally $100 more each time I go. It was almost $400 this time. That is just unacceptable. They charged $50 just to blow dry my hair! There was never a charge before. For goodness sake, if it’s $200 for the color, you’d think they could throw in the blow dry for free. I am very dissapointed in them. The first time I went it was $140, which is already expensive…

I am pleased with the work, it’s just too bad I can’t ever go there again, because I think they are ripping people off and that is just too much money to spend on your hair. It’s particularly unpleasant to be told one price in the beginning and then with add-ons end up somewhere completely different. Especially when you are a student and trying to husband your resources. On two of my previous visits there have been overcharges on the bills. That’s just it.

So the really good stuff that happened was that I got to spend some wonderful time with a friend whom I miss often. I filmed some footage I think will be very useful. I attended the Cathedral service at 11 and got to speak to both the Dean and Reverend Huber about the internship I would like to start for J-term for Hollins. I enjoyed the breathtaking weather and listened to some back issues of “This American Life”.

Best of all, thanks to my friend, I have a new inspiration for my first film and a real hope that it will be worth producing and seeing.

Tomorrow, besides classes and the normal Columns meeting, the editor of the paper and I will meet with Dean O’Toole to have another conversation about the technology platform. I will also send off my first roll of 16mm film for processing.

With those happy thoughts, and memories of my sweet dreams last night…I am off to bed.


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