Monday is a Fencing Day

Even though I am very sore from my Tango with the storm door, I truly enjoyed my fencing class tonight. There is something incredibly empowering about suiting up in the breastplate, glove and fencing jacket, taking foil in hand and lunging at a target. The satisfying feel of the tip making contact when you strike, the successful execution of complicated patterns of form and function as you learn them… these things combine to make my body feel young, lean and strong.

I am older than anyone in the class, even today’s instructor, but I felt more powerful and agile. Exercise is good for me. My body is really built for it and I get that runner’s high quicker than anyone I know. When all cylinder’s are firing, I can’t believe that 6 years ago I weighed a hundred pounds more than I do now. My mind is so centered and focused, the target and then the coach and his voice become my world. Later, I envision hours of effortless practice and someday competing at this sport. It could happen.

Today was also my first Chaplaincy studies class this term. Getting things back on track for Spring semester is all about starting the world’s biggest To Do list:
-Start organizing my new club: The Canterbury Society to fall under SRLA
-Organize the launch of the club by arranging an event featuring a speaker and music
-Come up with a giveaway for next Tuesday’s Spritual Fair…OH yeah, and have all your club materials and the date for the event nailed down by THEN
-Tomorrow evening is the Ghana mission trip info meeting @ church
-Schedule a meeting in DC at the National Cathedral with the Vicar to finalize the new Internship for Hollins students that I negotiated LAST term
-Read, read, read…for Film class tomorrow, for Sp. Top. Leadership in Africa

I also am thinking about where I should have my Birthday party. I want it to be cool, involve good food, drinks and kickass entertainment. I hope people WANT to come. It’ll either have to be on March 8 or 15th. I wonder when Spring break is…aha…Spring Break is the week after the 15th! It’ll have to be on the 8th. My actual Birthday is the 12th so the party will have to be early and not late. Everyone will be gone during Spring Break.

Last year I did it at the Children’s Museum in Mobile,AL and we did a Mummy Exhibit and Imax and then we had cake and punch and a craft and we all played like we were kids again. But there are a lot more adults this year and tons of college kids. Different audience.

Hrmmm. I must think on this.


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