Sunday morning restlessness

I had a restless night with strange vivid dreams that were troubling and intense. They woke me several times and I would find my heart racing, my vision not quite right.
It was like I was asleep and awake at the same time, since I was in a kind of completely aware state while I was asleep and there was so much happening.

I feel groggy and unrefreshed as if I stayed awake all night. Today was the Bishop’s visit and we had many confirmations, Baptisms and special parts of the service. Afterwards we had a reception. I did not teach Sunday School today, as Father Joe, from the Binaba, Ghana mission was here and he wanted to do a special program with all the children. Instead I attended an adult session with the Bishop where we heard his thoughts on the recent events in the Episcopal church. I enjoyed his description of some of his experiences at some of the “listening and learning sessions” that he had attended between American Bishops and African Bishops. He told of a Sudanese Bishop who was impoverished and was still trying to get his parishoners to come to terms with allowing women an equal place in the church, much less have women ordained. He talked of the abject poverty and how our priorities are so different, and that the luxury of worrying over this issue of whether gays can be ordained is only afforded to the highest in the countries of Africa. I pray sincerely that the people who are so anxious for resolution open their hearts and minds and realize that understanding will only come with time and dialogue between both cultures. The people who in the American church who can’t deal with it should just leave and become Baptists or something. The whole deal with the Episcopal church is about the “via media” or the middle way. If you can’t subscribe to that philosophy and you want to be one or the other, then go somewhere that has that kind of dichotomy.

I was thinking of a small irony as we were reading the journal of the author who left the Anglican church for the Catholic church and who is now thought to have been gay. If he were born in today’s America, he could have been a gay Episcopal priest. It wasn’t the priests that caused the problem anyway, it was the Bishop that did it.

I am feeling such a strong pull towards Africa and doing work there. There are many indicators that my work will somehow have something to do with that. I have the possibility of going to Ghana at the end of July and I hope to find sponsors to help me raise the additional $3000 I will need to go. The church will sponsor me for $1000 and the trip is $4000 total.

I need to think of who might be willing to sponsor me.


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