Today I am cashing in a gift certificate from my ex-boyfriend. He gave me one to Divinity Salon for Valentine’s Day. I will get my hair highlighted and I am so happy about that because it is about 2 months past due. You have to make concessions when you are trying to go to school full time and have no income. I keep thinking I should work at Starbucks for 2 days a week, Friday night and Saturday as those are my only periods of free time really. I am just worried that if I ask about it, it might ruin my cozy friendship with the manager and employees who know my name and always make my drink for me without me having to order it out loud.
It’s a frou-frou drink so that’s a nice benefit. I don’t like to say it because I think it is a very high maintenance drink. Tall, 4 pump, nonfat, extra foam chai.
I suppose in some areas I could be considered high maintenance. I have developed standards for restaurants and service that usually aren’t present in many of the men I meet. That’s from living just outside Boston and spending time in places like New York and LA. Once you start to taste REALLY good food, and get used to great service, you want to have that at every meal. It doesn’t have to be expensive, the Homeplace in Catawba is a wonderful old time family restaurant that has some good fried chicken and all the fixings.

Tonight I am going to the Kimoyo concert at the Jefferson Center with my mom. It ought to be a great event. African and Celtic/Bluegrass muscians playing together. I am listening/reading the Gospel of Luke for my New Testament class.

I had a dream the other night of having a baby in my arms and nursing him. It aroused such a longing in me. I will accept that I may not have any more children if that is the will of God but I suppose it’s OK that I still wish for them. I should just concentrate on my mission in school and what is left for me to do.


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