In Bruges

Just got back from seeing In Bruges and was really surprised at how good it was. It was dark and wonderfully funny. I am inclined to dislike Colin Farrell but then I see this movie and it makes me have to appreciate him as an artist.
I was out with a friend from church named Hugh. We went to the Homeplace for dinner which was yummy. I love their fried chicken and they had cherry cobbler for dessert.
Reading good stuff about Obama and thinking of how he might govern if elected. It gives me hope to think of it. He has such a different way of looking at things. He comes across as sincere and real and not at all focus grouped.
I lost my car yesterday. The last remnant of my former life in the internet industry.
Easy come, easy go. Well, it wasn’t easy at all. I think part of my old identity was wrapped up in that car. I am strangely relieved as if there is no going back and this confirms it.
I look forward to church tomorrow. I bought munchkins again for the kids…they liked them so much last time.
I also tried a sample of this great perfume named Tihota by Indult. Smells heavenly and costs way too much but think I will just order samples and use it sparingly.


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