Canterbury Society

So I am starting a new club at Hollins. It’s for Episcopalians and moderate/progressive Christians. Our kickoff event is tomorrow on the 11th at 8pm in the Gordh room. We are having Free Pizza so I hope people will come. Yes, I am resorting to food.
The girls at Hollins in general are so non-committal and non participatory. It was absolutely humiliating at the amount of people at Founder’s Day and the Re-dedication of the Chapel. For Pete’s sake. Not even all the teacher’s came. Way to set an example.
And worst of all…the SRLA, the club who is basically responsible for all the Religious clubs at Hollins were hardly represented. Only the President, from all the Officers actually involved herself, and of course me.
The alum were horrified and disturbed at the low turnout. The Gordh family was in attendance and this is how we honor them? I was simply embarrassed and ashamed on behalf of the school.
I only hope that my club members, if I get any, will live up to the expectations I set at initiation.
I really believe that people only try and work if you demand it as a clear expectation.
In Chaplaincy Studies today we all talked about the issue and also the general lack of commitment to ANYTHING that the student body shows.
It’s very disheartening.


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