Birthday shmirthday

Yes, well my birthday (March 12) came and went and I didn’t really celebrate it. Never had time or $ to plan the party. I’ve decided to go to the gym a lot more. I need to lose a few pounds.
School is out and Spring Break has officially begun. I have no plans except to write a bunch of papers in advance so I can stay ahead of the game when we go back. And to read a lot of course.
I hope to see a few movies. I’ll download Gone Baby Gone tonight. I rented Elizabeth: The Golden Age yesterday and it was gorgeous. Clive Owen is SO hot.
Well I keep having provocative dreams which is tres annoying. I hope they stop soon.
Mom says it’s better to have them because it gets rid of the energy.
I don’t think that is likely. I knew there was a problem when I got turned on while watching She’s Gotta Have It and Bound in film class.

Now that I don’t have a car, I have to start worrying about how I will get to Full Frame, the documentary film festival in Durham, NC April 3-6.
I have two roommates to share my hotel room. I am only worried about one. She is my polar opposite but still I think I can manage to get along.
I’ll just have to make sure I pick up some sleeping pills.
I cleaned up my room and some of the house today. Mom is having a jewelry party on Sunday. Jan Fuller sells this stuff in her spare time and we agreed to host a party because you get free jewelry as a reward and to help her out too. We have become good friends.

I think my first kickoff event for the Canterbury Society went OK. Wish a few more people had come as I worked on it so much. I can only pray that more people will decide to come to the next meeting.

I have been playing with my dog a lot lately. He is such a little sweetheart. His name is Tucker after Tuckerman’s Ravine in New Hampshire. I have a ton of nicknames for him. Turducken, tuckernator, puppyduppy.

I miss New Hampshire. It’s about to be a beautiful time of the year there. I suspect it won’t be too bad here.


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