Holy Friday

Another first for me, to attend Holy Friday services. According to the Reverend Barkley Thompson we do not take communion until Easter after Maundy Thursday. Bummer. So this service was about the prayers, has a silent procession, and is very somber in tone. We had watched as the clergy stripped the altar after the service on Thursday. First they remove all of the vestments and candles and then every other thing in the altar area. They cover the crosses as we approach the time that commemorates his death. They had been covered with a red shroud until Thursday and then they switched to black. It’s difficult to describe my feelings at this service. I’d just prayed the night before with my mom next to me. There was one other person in the empty church with all the lights off. It was easy to imagine myself like Jesus, alone and praying to the vast emptiness that seems to come to you the closer you are to God. Now, on Friday, the subdued service affected me deeply. I felt echoes of all the sorrows of my life. I am so ready for Easter.


So...what do you think?

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