Assuaging my lust

What lust you ask? My lust for fiction. My lust for film. I watched a bunch of movies and read two fiction books during Spring Break. I miss reading fiction. That’ll be one good thing about summer. I saw Michael Clayton, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Nancy Drew . That’s in order of good-ness. I finished The Arsonist’s Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England. I read a great young adult novel called Hero about a gay teenage superhero.

I enjoyed The Arsonist’s Guide because it is set in one of the towns I lived in when I lived in Massachusetts. I sometimes miss it. It was well written, with compelling characters. The narrator presents each person he interacts with as inscrutable and mysterious but all too human. Kind of like real life.

Hero had such an unusual premise. It’s also every kids fantasy to discover you are a superhero. But to discover you’re gay too? What a puberty!

That makes me think of 3 wishes. I’ve always kept mine ready to use. It’s so interesting to think back on my wishes. It is a snapshot of my priorities. Nowadays my wishes are works of art, covering all the bases. But one wish has stayed the same for all of my life. I wish I could fly like Peter Pan.
Noteworthy past wishes? I wanted a Holodeck, from Star Trek, I could think of thousands of uses for it. Some of them very naughty.
I wished to invent something. Something small but an absolute necessity…like the match or the zipper.

My current wishes are designed to guarantee health and wealth to all those who I love and who love me. They are also designed so that all those I love or who love me are endowed with the most perfect physical condition. Saggy breasts? No more, now they are as perfect as they ever were. Balding? Nope…now you have a lustrous head of hair. Illness, disease? A thing of the past. The great thing is, that you would be providing a great incentive for people to love you and you would know the minute they stopped…unless I still loved them.
Crafty huh? 🙂

Now where’s that Genie?


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