Hallelujah! The Lord is risen.

I love this stained glass at my Church. It’s the centerpiece of our worship. It is incredibly beautiful when the day is beginning, the sun streaming in, as it is in this picture I took. It couldn’t be a more perfect subject either.

I actually have this picture as my wallpaper on my cellphone.

I got a new dress for Easter, it’s really pretty and looks like a 1950’s dress with a full skirt. It’s kind of like what the girl on Pushing Daisies wears. Mine is white and has pink embroidered filigree around the hem. I had a little white sweater too. The dark haired girl is Chuck and she has a bunch of sweet retro dresses.

For Easter I received a Dove Dark Chocolate Bunny and some Sugar Free Peeps with Splenda.
I gave my mom some lavender soap and hand creme. She loves that scent.
I went to the 7 a.m. service while it was still dark. The sun came up during it. This particular event is called “The Great Vigil of Easter.” We all received candles and a few minutes in we light them as a sign that Jesus is reborn.
Then I went home and got my mom for the 11:00 a.m. service where I was a Chalicist. Joyful.

I skipped the 9:00 because they had 3 baptisms. Afterwards mom and I went out for Brunch at Trio. Easter doesn’t feel like Easter without Brunch.

The rest of the day I spent in bed, recovering from sleep deprivation. Overall, a great Easter. I wish my daughter was still Christian and lived with me. I miss her so much during the holidays. Perhaps someday she will come around.


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