Dual Majoring: Film and Religion

I had my second test in Leadership in Africa today. My teacher in that class is very good. His lectures are dynamic, entertaining and informative. It’s one class where I am learning a lot. It helps that I am a blank slate on the topic. Most Americans are actually. I hope to one day visit that continent and work to end extreme poverty.
I have not yet determined whether I should become a filmmaker focusing on social justice/religion or a priest. Or both! I like the idea of both. I love them both and I see film as a way to communicate about faith and the role of good in the world. Maybe I could do film school and then seminary.
I have been trying to find something to do over the summer that would guide me. I had an internship arranged at my church but it fell through due to a lack of funding from a sponsoring organization. The good news is that the Assistant Rector emailed and wants to take me to lunch next week to talk about my plans which might mean another offer for summer. Actually working in a church full time would teach me so much. I love all the clergy at St.John’s and I have been happiest this year while I was there. Serving wine during communion, reading the prayers of the people, being a torchbearer at Christmas and teaching Sunday School. The only downside of the film festival was that I had to miss teaching last Sunday.
I will probably take video production in the fall. I must confess that film is less than forgiving. I look forward to the opportunity to produce in digital. I have some strength in the editing software, probably because of my years of computer experience. It came naturally to me. In fact that was the strongest part of my work in film production. I managed to scrap together a movie from 5 minutes of film footage, which had a flare in every few frames. I added sound effects and non-sync voice. I was the only one in my class to do that. We showed our films with the Video class and they did not have any of the problems that dogged our work. They did not have any problems with light or a limit to how much they could film or how much film multiple takes would use. There was no 5 day turnaround to check the dailies. With all those restrictions removed, I could easily tell some of my stories. I can hear a train in the distance, it’s very loud, I suppose the air is clear tonight and the sound is traveling well. We are watching The Piano in film class tomorrow. It’s been so long since I’ve seen that. I went to the theater to see it when it came out in 1993.
I have 2 papers to write tonight, one on Revelation, a one pager and a 3 page rough draft for English. So I better get to it. 🙂


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