Vegetarian Food Review

I tried something new for lunch today, Yves Mac n’ Soy Cheese. I didn’t know what to expect. I really love many of the Morningstar products, the faux corndogs, the black bean burgers, the regular burgers and the Boca chickn patties are good too.
But this, eww, you need to really want mac and cheese and be a vegan for it to pay off. It has protein, but so does a peanut butter sandwich on light wheat and it tastes much better.
I may need to go and get one and toss this stuff. It has a weird aftertaste. That means a visit to the school’s cafeteria, usually something I avoid, but it can’t be helped. Perhaps I can get some iced tea as well.
The weather is absolutely perfect today. Sunny, breezy and not too hot or cold. It will make for a nice stroll.

Then I will watch The Piano in Images of Women in Film class.


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