Looking Ahead

I have a lot of things to be happy about today. I got 2 free tickets to next weekend’s Opera in Roanoke, Fidelio which is on Friday night. I also got 2 tickets to the school musical for this Saturday night, Caroline or Change. While I don’t have someone to go with just yet, I am pretty sure mom would enjoy it.

I wish I didn’t have to spend so much time dedicated to school because it is really hard to date. To make the time to call people and set up actual dates. The only dates I’ve been on in the last month are the ones where a friend will call with all the details worked out, and all I have to do is be ready to be picked up by a certain time. I miss having a boyfriend. I haven’t really thought about it until lately. You think you aren’t interested in dating, and then you feel an attraction to a passing stranger and you realize you are human and would like to have a special person in your life. It would be great to have a date for Spring Cotillion anyway. Fall Formal was a lot of fun.

I found a neat interview with Philipe Petit about his tightwire walk between the twin towers. That was the subject of the film Man on Wire, which was my favorite at the Full Frame festival.
There is another festival in NC in Wilmington in November called: Cucalorus
I would like to pick and reserve a hotel for it early but am really not sure if there is an “official” hotel or what the best B&B is. They have several listed from last year’s but many do not have websites.
Next year’s Full Frame, I am definitely staying at the Marriott. What a pain to have to keep driving back at night and worry about getting there early enough. Maybe Rachel will room with me again, Alicia is graduating this semester.For some reason I have started to receive the New Yorker. My only guess is that it is a Birthday gift. (March 12) Maybe I haven’t gotten the card yet. I suppose I can call the subscription office and find out. I think I am going to go to a matinee of one of the films I mentioned earlier. The one at the Grandin theater (Smart People) is most interesting. I have a party at school to create ribbon bracelets for the anniversary of the VA tech tragedy at 7. There is also a real party at 9 in the student center. You are supposed to wear red or blue depending on your political leanings. I am almost a socialist according to the New York Times Politcal Compass. I’ll settle for wearing blue for Democrat. As long as Obama wins, I will be happy

I forgot to mention to my Professor Baker that yesterday was the anniversay of the day that The Great Gatsby was published. I heard it on the Writer’s Almanac.


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