Fibromyalgia…ever heard of it?

I have this stupid disease. Part and parcel of my grand trine: migraines, ulcerative colitis and fibro. I am exceedingly fortunate because despite having these physical issues, they affect me infrequently. My colitis is mostly dormant. Occasionally, usually as a result of some low grade infection it flares up. My migraines are not as frequent as they were 7 months ago. The Fibro, also known as the “Pain disease” has left me pretty much alone for almost a year.

It’s only been since last Friday that I began to experience the dreaded symptoms. Pain, everywhere, all my joints and muscles. Extreme exhaustion, staying in bed for days. Moving hurts. So of course, I have a paper due tomorrow that I haven’t written, since I barely made it to class and then came home and slept all afternoon and early evening. It’s supposed to be about a movie I was meant to see on my own time. Of course, I haven’t seen it. Then there is a paper on Matthew, the 3rd paper on the same 6 verses that was due today. But what can I do? I am sitting here in bed wanting nothing more but to recline and sleep and hope that I feel better.
I missed both fencing classes…
I don’t think I can handle making a bunch of B’s. I can barely tolerate the one I’ve made so far. Perhaps if I explain to my teachers? But the idea of asking for extensions fills me with shame. I don’t think there is a good solution. Perhaps my only hope is in prayer.


One thought on “Fibromyalgia…ever heard of it?

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