Please excuse me

I am not enjoying my English class today, I am taking the comments of the other students with very little patience. The absolute belief that people are incapable of using the medium of an online blog safely or privately. They really believe that a paper journal is the only TRUE medium. I don’t know what offends me more, that or their complete and utter lack of knowledge of the basic technologies of the internet and web. As a person who has been online for over 15 years and one who remembers when there was no web, but only the internet, I have seen our society go from obliviousness and no knowledge, to “hearing about it” to the “great adoption period”. People born after the web existed think of it as little as we think of how phones work or TV and cable work. The fundamental flaw in the entire discussion frustrated me to the point I wanted to leave class. There is a difference between SAVING and PUBLISHING.


So...what do you think?

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