Being thoughtful

It’s a rainy day today. I woke up and heard the sound of it pattering on the roof. I hummed along in my mind to the Winnie the Pooh song about rain,”The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down” which always pops into my head when it rains like this.
Despite the grayness of the day and the fact that I am on campus for the whole day and into the evening, I am in a good mood. I was just nominated/volunteered for the Spriritual and Religious Life Association External Chair position which is a co-President position with the Internal Chair.
Pretty cool. I am excited about the possibilities for Fall semester and also have been thinking about living on campus then. I am checking into what is involved to do that.
I had a great fencing class with saber and then stayed for the club meeting to bout with foil. I think I have a preference for foil. It flows so much better and is more fun in my opinion. You can also use strategy a little more.
I like saber too, but it is less about thinking and more about action and reaction.
I finished the second season of Dexter…yay BitTorrent. It was fantastic. Now I am listening to the Dexter soundtrack. It makes a nice companion to the weather.
I managed to finish some of my work and am working on a couple of papers on the Gospel of Matthew and a paper about my experience at synogogue.
In my New Testament class today we reviewed Collosians, which is a letter from the Apostle Paul, warning the church community in Collosae to avoid deceptive teachers who insist Christians should follow the law. After seeing the love that the community I visited had for the Torah/God’s word and Mosaic Law, this had a different and more intense meaning. The prayers that I heard in Hebrew and read in English, were really beautiful and full of adoration.
It really made me start to understand the anguish of an early Jewish follower of Christ. While Collosians was meant to be liberating, and it was to a large degree, modern readers undervalue how holy the law and the Testament that documented it is to Jews.
It also made me think about how similar Islam is to Judaism in its utter devotion to the word of God, its incredible reverence for the Q’uaran and for the laws and traditions it lays out.
I know this is only the beginning of my exploration along this line of thought.
I started my painting for my English class yesterday. I need to pick up a couple of AA batteries for my digital camera so I can document the rest of the steps in it as part of my presentation.
So many good movies are coming out soon, but IronMan is at the top of my list. I saw today that it got a smashingly good review. So I will be there sooner rather than later.


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