In The Grip of Inspiration

I’m sitting in my world religions class and watching a girl in front of me watch Grey’s Anatomy. Wow, way to take advantage of my blind teacher. (She’s literally blind)At least I am taking notes on my computer as well as composing some thoughts. My English class was stimulating today, we had the first round of presentations and people brought creative responses to any journal that we had read during the semester. Many students brought collages. One student brought a mixed media sculpture. I want to focus on the creative process in my response. I will probably start with elements of the journal that inspired me, then move to a specific painting of Robert Henri that is influencing my painting. I will also talk/show other elements that came into the creative process: Dexter intro, music.
Dan Brawley posted some new pictures of his art. He uses recycled goods and creates interesting, beautiful things from them.
He sent me a nice email a few days ago.This is the entrance to his installation and some others I especially liked:

Entrance to Installation

Dress- The Back

Dress- The Front

Old Hoses in Wilmington



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