Film, Art and Katanas

Just got back from seeing a great film called A Jihad for Love at Hollins.It’s about gay Muslims. While I was in the VAC which is the Arts and Film department I spotted a great piece of art that was being showcased. It’s a trumpet player hanging suspended and completely made of clear tape.
I finished my painting and am excited that it’s done. I look forward to showing the process in class tomorrow. The only bit of a bummer is that I still have a final to finish before I can go to sleep tonight. We fenced with Katanas today. Interesting, but heavy and crude. I am thinking of being either Zorro or Captain Jack Sparrow for Monday’s theatrical fencing class.
I decided to change my classes a little bit. I dropped a couple of Philosophy courses, mainly because I heard the teacher drops a letter drade for every absence. So, I will be taking a sociology class, called Social Problems, Global Perspectives, Advanced Creative Writing, Drawing, Video Production, Chaplaincy Studies III and Lifetime Wellness Activities. This last is a course where you get to try a different sport each week. (Tennis, Golf etc.)
I’ve been struggling with Islam lately. The truth about it is that it is a varied religion with many different communities. In the film tonight, several of the theological schools of Islam were represented. The Sufi one interested me the most. That and the Q’uaranic scholar who is gay in South Africa. He makes a compelling argument in support of the idea of critical thinking when reading the Q’uaran. This used to be a practice and there is even a name for it, but it went by so fast I didn’t catch it. I think I will write to the director for more info on that. He was compelling and held a wonderful Q&A after the movie, added a lot. Being Episcopal makes it easier for me to get self-righteous about tolerance and welcome in your worship life. We are fighting the whole “gay bishop” thing against the world because we believe it is the right thing to do…there are so many belief systems out there that how can I judge? Every one thinking they know the answers, even me. It helps to remind myself of the fallacy of believing that I actually do.

So...what do you think?

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