Early evening is my thoughtful time

Today was interesting. Every day is really, but when I woke up this morning I was already behind the 8 ball since I hadn’t finished my Images of Women in Film final and it was due by 2:40 pm. I toted all my stuff to English class: painting, Bose SoundDock to play the Dexter soundtrack and my sketches. I had an hour between classes for lunch so I used it to work on the final. It was really down to the wire, I was typing furiously in the last 10 minutes between classes. But I did manage to finish. We watched Born Yesterday, a great old movie. The hero is a reporter who teaches the heroine all about democracy. I love geeky guys passionate about doing the right thing. That’s why I have a thing for Atticus Finch… what a man.
I have been invited to a marshmallow roast by the fencing team out at school tonight. We are gonna’ make s’mores. Yummy.
I look forward to the fire and the smell of smoke, it’ll remind me of camping. I miss that.


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