Iron Man and Tony Pope

IronMan is a fantastic film. I am totally in love with RDJ as Tony Stark. His arms looked amazing, and his portrayal of a multi-millionaire playboy who has unexpected depth and heart was compelling. I hope there is a part two. That same night I ate at Tony Pope’s with a friend. Tony Pope makes up his menu everyday depending on the ingredients he has on hand or has found shopping that day. It had a lot of seafood on it that night, so we were going to go to the restaurant next door instead. I don’t eat meat and my friend didn’t like seafood. The wait staff stopped us to find out why we weren’t staying. When we answered, the Chef/Owner, Tony Pope, offered to make us a custom entree. He prepared some homemade pasta with vegetables and a light cream sauce. It was delectable, and I was impressed by the service and personalized attention. I’ll definitely be eating there again.

The process of building muscle is supposed to be a bit painful. First you break down the muscle with exercise and when it rebuilds itself it is stronger and bigger. Ouch. Fencing for two hours straight has left me sore, sore, sore. So maybe I will have bigger and stronger muscles soon. Despite the pain, I had fun.
I also enjoyed watching the Kentucky Derby yesterday. I won a small sum on Big Brown. I think he actually has a shot at the Triple Crown. He’s a muscular horse, good wind and lots of speed.

Sunday school class was fun today. The older kids ended up with us. We watched both DVD’s, the one for 2nd and 3rd grade as well as 4th and 5th. The older kids DVD was interesting, and had a great alternative band singing, though it clearly appealed to the older kids more than the younger ones. I was a little surprised to see how age specific the curriculum actually is.
I only have a few more papers to write and 2 final exams and I will be done for this semester.
I am looking forward to the trip home to Mobile in a couple of weeks. Mom and I talk about all the fun things we want to do when we get there. The DewDrop Inn is definitely on the agenda, as well as a visit to Gulf Shores, a meal of crab claws and a trip to Biloxi to see the rebuilding since Katrina knocked everything down.

I am supposed to be in costume for tomorrow’s fencing class. Afterwards at fencing club, the Virginia Tech fencing team is coming by to practice with us. That should be fun.


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