Life is good: It’s summer and I am basking in the delectable temperatures we’ve been experiencing, where the air is both warm when its still, and edged with coolness when the wind blows. Surprising deep thoughts at church during my internship and a formal decision by my rector that I will be presented to the Bishop as a possible seminarian in the Fall. Keep imagining the scooter I am going to buy soon. Thinking about the sermon I have to write for the July 13th service about the Parable of the Sower. More nervous about a sermon for Children’s Church and the Adult Sunday School class I will be teaching on Mary of Nazareth using non-canonical Gospels and the Q’uaran; both on July 6!

Tomorrow is the picnic for my mom’s work. Should be bearable. I am actually more excited about the church picnic which is at a private lake on Sunday. Monday is my day off and I am making a home baked carrot cake for another candidate for discernment. We happen to be meeting next on his birthday so it only seems fair that he have cake along with the hard questions. I’ve gotten to cook quite a bit lately which is a true pleasure.

I’m somewhat terrified by the things, kind of profound things, that have been coming out of my mouth lately during spiritual direction sessions. It’s thrilling and frightening at the same time to realize that maybe, just maybe, I do belong there.

It is such a pleasure to work with the Assistant Rector, she is warm and supportive. The process issues that challenge the church give me hope that some of the expertise I accumulated over the last 15 years will be of use to the church.

On the lighter side, I saw The Incredible Hulk. I thought it was quite good and very true to the comic’s original spirit. I thought it was a vast improvement over the Ang Lee version, a lot more fun. Plus, I got to see a small cameo by Tony Stark! Still my hero.
So many good films are coming out. The Dark Knight, Hancock, Wanted and a whole slate of films fresh from Cannes will be making the rounds. I heard from the Grandin theater and they won’t be bringing The Fall anytime soon so I will just have to wait. The closest showing is currently in Durham, NC. Sometimes I REALLY miss the Audi.

How bout’ Scott Mclellan sticking it to old, scary Cheney? Loving it!
Obama is still rockin’. I’ve read a lot of stuff about the sexist coverage on tv during the campaign, and while I was initially skeptical, after watching some of the excerpts that have been put together, I confess that I am disturbed. Then I saw the most awful coverage during the recent kickoff of the Michele Obama pundit perpetual motion machine. A strategist of some kind was saying that “she was doing the right thing by showing her softer side, her life as a wife and mother and that would make her more appealing.” Did you catch that? Because her role as a lawyer is really detrimental to her image. Because everyone knows that wife and mother are the only decent professions for a woman. Man, I felt my face burn with anger. The casual dismissal of her basic accomplishments as an individual. It may be true that men and women both look at her and see a strong woman and feel totally intimidated by that. But saying things like the “strategist” did, instantly dismisses not only her value as a contributing member of society, but somehow attacks every woman who identifies as something other than the “attractive” qualities of arm candy, homemaker or vessel for reproduction. Hmm. I re-read that and I guess I am not only pissed about it but offended by it, deeply. Probably a side effect of the Women in Film class where we learned to pay close attention during film analysis. Words matter. A lot.

But will mine?


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