Not too much happening in my life…but in the world, that’s another story.

Obama clinched! How momentous. I hope he wins and Clinton is made a Supreme Court justice. That would be awesome.

The Belmont was exciting. BigBrown was not in the mood today. Luckily Denis of Cork was. He came in second. I’d bet on him to win,place or show. I enjoyed the race and the absolute cacophony of sound that filled the air when people realized that BigBrown not only wasn’t going to win, but not even going to place. maybe next year I’ll watch it in person.

I picked up some groceries and a couple of DVD’s on the way home and grilled burgers for dinner. Mom was really tired when she got home from work so it was nice to take care of that for her.

My week has been very interesting. I participated at a funeral, reading a verse from the bible and the prayers of the people. I also began the process of the web redesign and put together a test instance of a project management solution called Basecamp.

I am informed that I will be preaching at The Gathering sometime soon. I simply need to let Barkley know when. I have been reviewing the Lectionary to try and pick something inspirational.

I miss my daughter. I’ve been talking to her almost every day. I’ve learned more about her fiance and am excited about her wedding.

I’ve been looking at Yale Divinity School’s Berkeley college. It looks like it might be a place that would appeal to me. I am also a little short with financial aid for next semester so I am either going to have to work on a scholarship or go to a cheaper school like Virginia Wesleyen in Norfolk.

I keep watching The Fall trailer, I downloaded it onto my iPod. The RedWings won the cup again and I am so proud of Osgood and Lidstrom. I really hope I can see the Coldplay concert. Perhaps if I miss it in DC I can see it in one of the other venues they will be hitting.

Currently listening :
Grey’s Anatomy, Vol. 3
By Original TV Soundtrack
Release date: 2007-09-11

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