This week has been so intense. I also have relatives in town for a visit so that adds to the chaos. Vacation Bible School has been so much work. I got to lead two activities this week. One was a “Stations” exercise that incorporated lots of little rituals at 8 stations. They were mostly fun things, like wrap a string around your wrist and pray…then add a charm and tie it to remind you of your prayer.
Last night I led a reflective bible study focused on Poverty. I played some of my favorite hymns on my iPod, soft reflective piano solos. We distributed bibles and highlighters along with a list of passages focused on Poverty. I asked them to highlight the passages, reflect on them and in two weeks pass it on to someone they know. I enjoyed the music and the peacefulness of the exercise.
Tonight I am just the AV person, Thank God.
Later I will go with my family to see a blues band downtown at a BBQ place. Then I’ll drop them off and go see the 12:01 showing of the Dark Knight.
I went and saw Hellboy II the other night and loved it. Guillermo del Toro has got to be one of the most interesting film makers out there right now. The collision of beauty and darkness is haunting. The story is zippy and there are lots of funny sequences.
I keep thinking of absent friends. There are so many of them I miss and haven’t seen for a long while. Or even heard the sound of their voice. It gives me moments of melancholy.


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