The Dark Knight

It’s 4 am, this movie was long.

My initial thoughts:
Intense, Smart…
Heath is all that other reviews have said and more…magnetic, scary, compelling, and strangely sane at the same time as being horribly broken. Christian Bale’s Batman is the toughest of tough men. No guns, unbreakable. Talk about the strong, silent type!
Fine supporting performances by Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.
Visually dramatic. Sound that transports you and brings you to the edge of your seat.
A truly _committed_ performance by Aaron Eckhart and a knockout story.
Awe inspiring techno-toys.
A commentary on humanity, society and good vs evil.
Selfishness vs Selflessness
Epic, gripping, a must see and a movie I will see again.


So...what do you think?

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