Weekend Review

It’s Monday and it’s my day off. I just ran some errands and am taking a break at Starbucks. The weekend was very relaxing. We saw my relatives off at the airport and I watched a lot of Tivo from all the shows I’d missed while they were visiting. Yesterday I chaliced and read Prayers of the People at the evening service at church.

Mom and I took Tucker for a long walk after the sun was setting and it had cooled off some. We trekked along Tinker Creek. The water was very clear and the mountains were hazy and blue. I have only about 10 days left of my internship. I will be focusing on completing the web redesign with their communications coordinator. I direct, he executes. I will be gathering, re-purposing and writing most of the content. So I’ll be on my own more than usual.
Also planning my training for fencing at the beginning of August. It will take up a lot of time to get stronger and build up my cardio after a month off. I’ll mainly be doing cardio, arm work and lunges. That will help with foil. I can’t wait for the first practice.

The first trip this month is to DC on the 3rd for Coldplay. I am planning on leaving really early to get up to the National Cathedral for a.m. service and then one of my friends is out of town that night so I will crash at their place before heading home Monday morning.

Then mom and I will be going to Orlando the 13th-16th to see my daughter Bonnie get married. I hope to hit DisneyWorld if possible, but might only get to go to Universal. I plan on seeing one of my best friends while there, she is the Director of Advertising at Universal. We used to work together in the New Media division when I worked for Universal.

One of the parishioners who was on mission in Ghana came back Saturday and the other will be back in another 2 weeks. I heard that the remaining parishioner was suffering from stomach issues because of the food/water. The missioner who came back said it comes with the territory. But I increased the length of my prayers for the remaining missioner. I hope he is OK. Ghana seems like a wonderful place to go, but I’d dang sure be taking a case of power bars and a filter bottle/tablets with me to ensure I didn’t get sick.

Must be the GirlScout in me. I hope to know by the end of the month if my mom is staying here or moving to Richmond. I think I better apply at a school closer to it, and maybe to the University of Alabama just in case. They both only require a year of classes in residence.

Currently listening :
American Doll Posse
By Tori Amos
Release date: 2007-05-01

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