Laughing at myself

Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I feel so different from the majority of people I know who date. I think I am old fashioned compared to them. Maybe I should have been born in the 50’s. But then I wouldn’t be able to become a Priest someday. Someone told me about a guy who called her up 30 minutes before an event and asked her to tag along. Like she has no life. Weird. Also, what’s with the norm that everyone has sex before marriage?
I used to think nothing of it, but now it bothers me. It reeks of a lack of self control and an inability to enjoy anticipation. I even see it as a weakness in a man if he can’t control himself to an extent. I mean I like being touched and kissed like everyone, but a lot of people these days are looking for a lot more than that, and after very few dates.
Character has become very important to me. The old rules make sense to me now in a way they never did before. The guy sets up the date and pursues. I swear, if a man doesn’t have the guts to take the initiative and ask me out, he is not man enough for me. Also believe people should try to keep their word and be dependable. I value that highly.
Why am I thinking about this? I suppose it is a result of the pending 3 weeks of vacation I will have. I only seem to think about dating when I am not in school or working. I keep myself pretty busy most of the time. If  I met someone I would make time for them. My expectations are high at the moment which means I am less likely to look, with the idea that the person I should be with just does not exist.
You never know. I am sure somewhere in the great wide world there exist men who have the characteristics I seek. But just think, even if I met one, rare as they are, how likely is it that we would click?
Only time will tell. That just bugs the hell out of me. I am so task focused I want to check off the to do list item: find true love. It just doesn’t work that way.
Tres’ annoying.
Maybe its just the catchy music and lyrics of”I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. It’s wormed its way into my head and distracts from what I should be focused on.

In other news, I am going to an Obama organizational meeting tonight at 6:30 pm at the Roanoke Public Library. I worked for the Kerry campaign and I didn’t even like him much. But since I am a huge fan of his after reading his book it seems I should walk the talk.

I hope to see the new X-files movie tomorrow evening and I am now watching the new Project Runway. I love that show, it reminds me of when I used to manage creatives and we had to produce creativity on demand. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Can’t wait for the Coldplay concert on the 3rd. I wonder who is opening.

Currently listening :
By Coldplay
Release date: 2005-06-07

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