Last night I went to the Obama organizational meeting and found out that the 5 people who register the most voters in VA will get to meet him in person! Makes me want to get busy. I wonder if I can do it at my mom’s plant. That’s like several hundred people who usually don’t vote.

I also reached out to an old friend at like 2 in the morning. Couldn’t sleep and just kept thinking about how I hadn’t heard from them in so long and kind of worried about it. He used to work with me in the internet industry and I always enjoyed our conversations about God, life and the challenge of being creative in a corporate world.

When I start to miss my friends at a specific company, he’s one of the people I think about. I am still in touch with my other close friends from there, and even periodically in touch with my whole team. He is like the only person whose friendship I valued, who has completely slipped away. So I read his latest blog postings and dropped him an email.

It’s a whole different animal to try and be creative in a church environment. I have to confess that part of what I love in the Episcopal church is its traditions and the consistency of its liturgy. Not much in my life has stayed the same, but it has. So I understand there are things that can’t and shouldn’t change. By the same token, it’s mind boggling to me that at this point in the life of the web that so few people know the term Information Architecture, especially since 2 years or more ago, Forrester Research released a report about Usability trumping Look and Feel each and every time.

I almost wish Sapient would call me so I could just go hang with them for half a day and speak my own language. It’s so strange to be at the beginning of something completely different and know that you are a beginner and know little when you are accustomed to knowing so much. To have the need to listen, observe and reflect instead of to act. It’ really challenging sometimes, I have to consciously think about what I am doing when the urge to act becomes too strong to ignore. Usually a good venting session helps. Yesterday I talked to the Assistant Rector charged with Outreach and he reminded me of the “watch and learn” aspect for my current undertaking. It was a timely reminder.

I think I mentioned this a few posts ago, the need to do more, act immediately to address injustice. The Assistant Rector told me that Outreach is like sweeping sand, there’s always more flying around and it’s impossible to clean it up completely, especially alone. That reminded me of Jesus saying the poor would always be with us. (Matthew 26:11) Not that I shouldn’t live my life trying to eradicate extreme poverty, but just that I need time to be forged into a tool that can be used to fight it effectively.

My friend who works in the church, told me about two social clubs in Roanoke she thinks I will enjoy. One is called Drinking Liberally, a group of progressives getting together to schmooze and the other is called The Square Society…its affiliated with the arts.

I’m still planning on seeing the X-files movie tonight, even though I heard some lukewarm reviews today.

Today’s my mom’s birthday, though she has to work all night so that is a total bummer. Maybe I can surprise her with a cake or something later while she is there. That would be fun, especially if all her employees then knew it was her Bday.

My friend Dan posted a new blog which is good because he is getting his film festival together (Cucalorus) and I am interested in attending. I also just made a new friend who lives in Wilmington, NC. The festival is in November and would likely be very entertaining and informative.

Looking forward to the weekend. Going to go canvass for Obama tomorrow.
Sounds like an adventure.

Today in honor of my three friends who are Poets, I am including a short poem which sums up my recent thoughts.


by Carl Sandburg

THE single clenched fist lifted and ready,

Or the open asking hand held out and waiting.


For we meet by one or the other.


So...what do you think?

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