I CAN’T believe how bad The X-Files was

Ugh, the X-files film was SO disappointing. No chemistry and no urgency at all. The whole thing was a slow, muddy mess. On the bright side I slipped into the Dark Knight for a few minutes to catch Heath Ledger’s performance for a bit. The only thing that bothered me for the 20 minutes I watched was the presence of 5-7 year olds that people had brought. Whoa! That film is WAY too dark for a kid under he age of 11-12. The Joker isn’t slightly scary, he is so twisted and frightening that those kids have no business at all seeing it. Even Batman isn’t a knight in shining armor here, he’s an anti-hero. Geeze. People have no sense at all sometimes.

I surprised my mom last night by sneaking into her plant and having her paged while I waited in the break room with a candle strewn cheesecake. I sang Happy Birthday to her and she seemed to enjoy that. I thought about making her a home baked cake but she has always been really fond of Sara Lee cheesecakes and not so much a regular cake person.

The giant new Kroger on Orange Ave near my house is open and they have all kinds of cool stuff. Lots of International and Organic foods.

This morning I watched the show Hopkins (ABC) that I had recorded via DVR. I can’t endorse this show enough. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy but it’s all real and is about actual Doctors at Johns Hopkins. It’s so intense and compelling.

Yesterday while visiting the Diocese I checked out a couple of books from the Bishop Marmion library. They are short little spiritual autobiographies of different people who are involved in Ministry in the Episcopal church. They are fantastic and I plan on recommending them to the Chaplain out at Hollins as good examples of the genre.

Since mom started working overnights, I am having trouble eating or being interested in food. I went to Metro for Sushi Happy Hour yesterday but the waiter was so rude it killed what little appetite I had. I’ve never had bad service there before, but if you get a guy named Ben, make sure you plan on spending a lot of money because he is quick to make you feel uncomfortable if you have a small appetite. It’s not like I was going to tip him based on my check total, which ended up being $2.20. I always tip a minimum of $2 and this time I tipped $4.80.
I’ve waited tables and I wouldn’t cheap out on someone. Plus I am a regular and I want to be welcome every time I come in so I tip on the high side.

Even though Tony Pope’s has slightly incompetent service, they make you feel incredibly welcome. Probably why it is now replacing Metro as my favorite restaurant.

My friend who was still in Ghana comes back soon. I got a great email describing his experience. Like a travelogue. He wrote from Accra and checked his MySpace from there. Neat. I can’t wait until the internet is fast and accesible to everyone.

No plans for tonight. Just going to read, watch some movies on TV and do some yoga.


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