New Ideas

It’s crunch time at church. I am trying to write all the copy for the new site and it is extremely time consuming. I only have 1 more day after today since I will be a a Diocesan offsite tomorrow.
My advisor at school emailed me about an internship at the Episcopal church across from the White House during the month of January. It’s paid, I can focus on liturgy and an alumnae is offering their home for lodging.
Imagine, being in DC during the Inauguration! I sure hope Obama pulls it out. That would be amazing.
I also recently read about a program at the Yale Divinity School called the Marquand scholars. 5 of the best incoming students are selected to be Marquand scholars and are provided with full tuition and $5000 in living expenses. That would go a long way toward making it there. I am going to focus on polishing/documenting the attributes they might seek in hopes of achieving that. It would take a lot of burden off of my parish and off of me in the long run.
YDS is having an Open House this November, but don’t know if it will be in the cards. I need to check the Calendar at Hollins to see if school is in session that week. It probably is. 🙂
I am switching my classes around some and plan on going out to school sometime this week to formalize it. Adding French, dropping Sociology, moving the Drawing class, dropping Film Production and replacing it with Biology. Adding one other class…probably a religion class. I love August, I’ll get to buy my books with my financial aid and it’s such a rush to have all those new books.


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