WordPress, Rooibos and DirectTV

Welcome anyone who has been reading on MySpace or Blogger. I have consolidated a couple of blogs here because I prefer the features.

Here are a few of my new favorite things: Numi Rooibos Teasane, English Breakfast with Splenda and cream, Plain white rice, Carr’s crackers with goat cheese and Cinnamon Pecan Special K.

Lately I’ve only wanted those things. I’ve been skipping lunch and having afternoon tea instead. Yummy. Oh and one more thing, DirectTV. We switched to DirectTV and it is SO much better. The channels are fantastic. I especially like all my movie channels and FIT tv. I can watch a movie every night and do a different workout every day.

Today was Parish Communicators Day at the Diocese. I had a great time meeting new people and talking about the web. I even met a fellow internet pro, so I got to speak geek.

Tomorrow is my last day at the internship and I am feeling a little sad that it will end. I had a great time, but it was so brief. I will probably stay in close touch to help through August with the website. I am looking forward to a little break before school starts again. I leave for DC on Saturday. I am planning on going to Les Halles for Brunch on Sunday, then go see The Fall in the afternoon in Shirlington before grabbing Tea and heading to the mall for a little shopping prior to the concert. I will drive home Monday morning. Perfect little weekend get-a-way.

I hope to go see Mamma Mia on Friday evening. Maybe have some Mexican beforehand.
I will also be driving my advisor to the airport earlier in the day so we can chat about some changes I need to make to my schedule.

Project Runway was good tonight, But…I don’t like this one guy named Suede. He speaks in the 3rd person. Really irritating. One of the dresses tonight was amazing, though it didn’t win. I actually didn’t care for the winning dress.

The challenge was about NYC. The designers even took pictures of night time in New York and were to create a night time look relating to one of their photos. The dress I like was inspired by a rain grate…a beautiful architectural looking, rounded, black rain grate.

My Favorite Dress of the challenge on 7/30/2008

My Favorite Dress of the challenge on 7/30/2008


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