The concert was worth the trip. I parked across the street from the Verizon center for $20 and made my way to my cheap seat. By cheap seat I mean crappy seat as there is nothing cheap about a $70 nosebleed seat. Still despite the price and the drunk girls who were sitting next to me, I enjoyed the music.

Here is the somewhat accurate playlist (I was writing in the dark while trying to avoid slung beer from aforementioned drunk girls).

Violet Hill
In My Place
Viva La Vida
42 (Part I)
Fix You
Strawberry Swim
42 (Part II)
God Put A Smile On Your Face
Square One
The following two songs were sung from the rear of the venue. The band went down into the audience. If the stage was at 12 o’clock, the went to 7 o’clock for the following two songs, which they played standing with a single spot and minimal instrumentation.
Hardest Part

Back to the stage for:

The Scientist
Lovers in Japan

One of my favorites of the evening: Fix You, when the crowd sang along. Then there was Lovers in Japan when there were tremendous confetti explosions. I have clips but I don’t want to infringe on Coldplay’s copywrite privileges. That would be unethical. Taking a picture is my own work.

This is the only decent picture I was able to take. I use the word decent lightly. Chris Martin is on the left.

Coldplay August 3rd, 2008 on stage at the Verizon Center, DC

Coldplay August 3rd, 2008 on stage at the Verizon Center, DC


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