Just say no to CNN, FOX and MSNBC

My daughter. That word causes so many conflicting emotions in me. Pride, love, longing to see her. Even when I disagree violently with something she says, which is fairly often, I admire her for having her own ideas and passions and being so amazing and independent. She is smart and funny, insightful and brave. She is fun to be with, likes to read and many of the same shows and films that I do. She also has a strong relationship to a religion, and to God. It may not be MY relationship or MY religion, but I am grateful she has him and a religion in her life. I miss her terribly. I am looking forward to seeing her.
There has been stress lately in getting the paperwork together for the marriage license. She needed a form signed by me. I sent it. She went to the courthouse, and then she discovered she also needed a certified copy of her birth certificate. There were complications. I have a copy, she doesn’t. Both she and her fiance need to appear at the courthouse together to get the license… he lives in Tampa and she is in Orlando. The wedding is on the 14th and there is a three day waiting period. So now we all have to scramble. It’s exasperating. I contacted my ex-husband and he is taking care of things on that end and I will send the copy of the birth certificate tomorrow. They’ll go to Tampa on Monday morning and get it there.
Still, besides getting to see her, I’ll also at least get to eat dinner somewhere at Disney and see one of my best friends who lives in Orlando. It’s been about 2 years since I saw her. We worked together at Universal when I first started working online.
I’ve seen several movies lately. I watched I am Legend last night. I never got to the theater when it came out but I love Will Smith. I understand some of the criticism about it, specifically the zombies. It made me imagine how good Will Smith would be as the lead character in a film version of “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. That’s what the film vaguely reminded me of. I also watched Enchanted again just for fun. It makes me happy. I saw Blood Diamond last night. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character was quite believable. My uncle, who is from a South African country sounds very much like the character in the film. My uncle is an incredible man. He is an old fashioned gentleman. He stands when a lady enters the room or gets up from the table. He opens doors and makes you feel very respected.
I’ve already had so much fun this summer indulging in film, television and most of all BOOKS. Yesterday I started an especially good one. I’ve been waiting for it for a month. I requested it at the library back in July. It’s the new David Sedaris collection called “When You Are Engulfed In Flames“. I’ve read about 1/3 of it, though I confess I am trying to ration myself, and I’ve already laughed out loud a few times.
Hopkins came on tonight and was excellent as usual. Maybe I can do a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education as a hospital chaplain if I get into Seminary. I find the stories of illness, death and dying full of grace as well as grief.
I also was a little bored and was flipping channels so I checked out a show called Supernatural. It’s about what it sounds like, demons. It’s not as good as Charmed, which I miss. Maybe not the last season which wasn’t as good. I didn’t like that Billy character.
My ability to watch cable news has dwindled down to practically nothing. Here’s why: There’s only so much news and too much time. It’s also apparent that the talking heads have no more knowledge or information than the bagger at the local grocery store and twice the prejudice…in fact they are almost certainly on someone’s payroll. Sure it’s fun when the guy or gal on the payroll of someone I support talks, but then I catch myself and feel disgusted. Now I just read the BBC, CBC and listen to Worldservice.


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