Spiritual Discipline

Like the “three wishes” of my childhood, which evolve over time and are always a work in progress, so too is the act of spiritual discipline. For about 2 years now I have been reading Forward Day by Day which is a great resource for a little bible study. Later I added My Utmost for His Highestby Oswald Chambers. Each of these has a specific reading for the day. After practicing these two small devotions I would get out a little notebook and write down prayers to God in the form of a letter. Recently I have replaced the letter with the daily devotion for late evening in the Book of Common Prayer. I love the language and the form of it. It’s comforting to read the familiar words and repeat the Lord’s prayer as part of the devotion. Though I have only been utilizing this new spiritual practice for a week, it’s feels very powerful. In time I would like to add morning prayer and compline.
About the three wishes, what would you wish for if you had three wishes? I’ve asked myself that question since I was little and when I think back over the years it amuses me to see how they have changed. After all, you never know when a genie will show up. 🙂


One thought on “Spiritual Discipline

  1. Try Phyllis Tickle’s Divine Hour seasonal devotionals. They are short, based on daily devotions. I used it for a year in seminary as a discipline. You can find them cheap, used on amazon.

    Here’s a description:
    THE DIVINE HOURS™ is the first major literary and liturgical reworking of the sixth-century Benedictine Rule of fixed-hour prayer. This beautifully conceived and thoroughly modern three-volume guide will appeal to the theological novice as well as to the ecclesiastical sophisticate. Making primary use of the Book of Common Prayer and the writings of the Church Fathers, THE DIVINE HOURS is also a companion to the New Jerusalem Bible, from which it draws its scriptural readings. The trilogy blends prayer and praise in a way that, while extraordinarily fresh, respects and builds upon the ancient wisdom of Christianity. The first book in the set, PRAYERS FOR SUMMERTIME, filled with prayers, psalms, and readings, is one that readers will turn to again and again. Compact, with deluxe endpapers, it is perfect for those seeking spiritual depth. As a contemporary Book of Hours, THE DIVINE HOURS: PRAYERS FOR SUMMERTIME heralds a renewal of the tradition of disciplined, daily prayer, and will whet the hunger of a large and eager audience for the follow-up autumn/winter and spring volumes. In a market crowded with general prayer collections, Phyllis Tickle has revived a centuries-old spiritual centerpiece of Christian daily religious observance. Within the framework of this celebration of the oldest form of Western fixed-hour prayer, Tickle invites the modern reader to experience the hidden power of the Book of Hours.


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