The Sun Shines On Us All

The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics were incomparable. Watching the story unfold of the history of China, it was evident that a film director produced the show, it was visual storytelling, live visual storytelling on a scale I’d never seen before. The cast was 15,000. There was this LED screen that unrolled on the bottom of the stadium, it’s the world’s biggest and the things they did with that screen were eye popping. Even more astonishing were what they did with synchronized movements of actual PEOPLE. There was a section about movable type, you know, because the Chinese invented the printing press, and it is stunning, stunning how it was accomplished. The costumes, the colors and the collaboration…incredible.  Here are a couple of pictures to give you a taste in case you missed them, you can see more pictures here. When it says 2008, it means two thousand and eight actual people.

A Dancer Floats Atop A Carpet Along The Silk Road, Carried Aloft By Bearers

A Dancer Floats Atop A Carpet Along The Silk Road, Carried Aloft By Bearers

2008 Drummers play in unison on drums unearthed in ancient ruins recently

2008 Drummers play in unison on ancient drums fitted with pressure sensitive lights

Moveable Type on the Floor of The "Birdsnest" Beijing

Movable Type on the Floor of The "Birds nest" Beijing

2008 Confucious followers carrying bamboo scrolls enter and bow

2008 Confucius followers carrying bamboo scrolls enter and bow

You cannot watch this performance and not compare our culture of the individual to their culture of the community. Especially since our communities appear to have disintegrated to such a large degree. The idea of sacrificing the success of the individual or individual family for the betterment of the society is incomprehensible to the America I live in. I understand that they are the extreme of the concept of Community, but we must be the extreme of the opposite, Me-ism. From what I read and hear, it appears that China is making baby steps to move in the direction of increasing some individuality. They have come to the conclusion that lacking it limits creativity. But how much is enough? How much is too much? Look at us. I would argue that we have too much individual freedom, way past the nose on my face to follow the metaphor. We have too many choices. So many that no one adheres to a standard of behavior or a notion of citizenship. Heck, we don’t even have citizens anymore, we only have consumers.

On another topic, I have added a feature to my blog, if you enjoy reading it but it’s a hassle to get back to it, you can now subscribe to email updates by clicking on the link on the right side under the calendar.

I have arranged a play date for Tucker tomorrow with a parishioner who has a Labrador. We will see how they get along. If all goes well, Tucker will have a place to stay for our trip.

OMG! Dubya is on the Olympic newscast talking about his opinion. He’s a frickin’ pundit. Guess he is practicing for FOX news when he is fumigated from the White House. As little as I respect him, which is basically not at all, what is going on with him lately? He is acting like someone I would like. He’s negotiating diplomatically with people. He pressuring China and Darfur. He’s taking the hard line on Zimbabwee. It’s like he’s been possessed by an actual human being. Color me bamboozled. Costas is asking great questions though. I’ve always thought the world of him.

The main thing watching the Olympics has ignited in me is a burning passion to travel more in my life. It’s a lifelong goal, I just hope that it will be compatible with God’s will for me. I was in Atlanta for the Olympics and I would love to be in London in 2012. I definitely want to see China and Japan now. It looks breathtaking and diverse and the Opening Ceremonies reminded me of when I was little and looked through the Encyclopedia poring over the pictures of children from all nations. I spent hours day dreaming about what it would be like to be a child in India or Africa and see elephants and monkeys when I went to school or worked to help feed my family.

My last story of the day is an old one, but something you might have missed. The jury is out on ghosts for me, just don’t know how that fits in with what I experience and experienced when I had my NDE. So I was interested to see this story when I came across it when searching for something else.

Palace Ghost Caught on Film

LONDON, England — A ghostly image has been caught on camera at Hampton Court Palace near London, a home of King Henry VIII, long reported to be haunted.

The 16th Century palace is well known for alleged supernatural activity, but nothing suspicious has been caught on film before. However, in October this year, a curious image was discovered on the palace’s closed-circuit television footage READ THE REST AND SEE THE ACTUAL IMAGE AT CNN.COM


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