Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho!

Tonight is a big night and the summit of an already long day. The peak of the Perseid meteor shower is this evening, late, and we will be driving from Roanoke to Norfolk, VA with the top down to catch an early flight to Orlando. I will see my daughter tomorrow! 🙂

Tucker is tucked in with his new friend, a big chocolate Lab who resides with a friendly couple from church. He seemed happy to be there and I know he will get a lot of attention and play. No doubt he will be glad for some solitude when we return.

The big news of the day, and yes it seems silly to get so excited after some of the roles I have had in my life, but I am anyway darn it, is that I got a job today. Yep, just a little part time server job at the Hunting Hills Country Club, but they worked with me on my tight schedule so I’ll be able to contribute a little to the household which will make me feel a lot better. It’s hard enough to have given up every aspect of monetary achievement that I am accustomed to, I dislike adding to it by feeling like a slacker and having days off. School is a luxury. It may be hard work, but I am LUCKY to be going. I never forget that for an instant. The least I can do is use the free time I have generating some income. My talents as an Internet consultant are a little exalted for Roanoke. I can use them, but never make what I am worth or be able to invest as little time as this will require of me.

I will start a week from today. Yay!

In the mean time I get to go to Orlando, have a little vacation, see my daughter get married and go swimming. I love to swim. I am in a pretty good mood right now.

I went to Metro last night after all. I had shrimp tempura sushi with cucumber and avocado added, no tobiko and their sweet tofu and scallion sushi rolls. I also love their new Parker house rolls. They seem to be making the bread in house now and it shows. Yum. I had a much better experience this time. I made sure to have a reservation through OpenTable.com. Ben said hello (the server who was a little short with me) and I nodded at him. However I was fortunate to be waited on by Erin and Charlie. They worked well together and were a great team. Charlie answered a menu question, set me up with a drink, bread and all the knick knacks and Erin took the order. I was so happy and felt so welcome I went ahead and had Roanoke’s best dessert (In my opinion) the dark chocolate pot du creme. It’s to die for.

It was a good night.

Now I need to go eat dinner, and pack for my trip. *BIG GRIN*


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