Euphoria or Exhaustion? They feel kinda the same…

My daughter called me from Clearwater, Florida yesterday morning to say that she was enjoying day one of married life, literally at the beach. 🙂 Mom, Aunt Anne and I went to Downtown Disney yesterday afternoon. I had a fantastic fresh caramel apple and then we went to see Tropic Thunder. OK, I habitually fall in love with Robert Downey Jr. every time I see him. Even though he plays a couple of different people in the film, his presence is so electrifying. Especially near the end when you see him with blond hair and Siberian Husky blue eyes. Not his normal look but wow, a good one. The movie was shocking, funny, action packed and worth a second viewing. I found myself laughing at parts of it hours later. After the movie we went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurant, a place called Jiko or The Cooking Place. I had corn chowder with Meyer lemon creme fraiche, vanilla Rooibos tea and BBQ chicken flat bread. The chowder was light and flavorful with a garnish of slightly dehydrated corn that was a little chewy. It gave it a nice texture in contrast to the smooth base of the soup. It was nicely spiced with plenty of black pepper and a little fresh fennel. Vanilla Rooibos is my favorite non-caffeinated tea. Yummy!

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a lesser known resort on Disney property, yet it’s one of the most magical. They have night vision safaris for the hotel guests and the property abuts the animal sanctuary of Animal Kingdom so your room can overlook the “Serengeti Plain” portion of the park. You can wake to see antelopes grazing. It’s built on a grand scale, similar to the Wilderness Lodge in its scope and the vaulting of the ceiling in the lobby area. Truly a destination even if you aren’t staying on property.

This morning we checked out, dropped off the rental car and then my Aunt Anne drove us to the Venezuelan restaurant called Q’Kenan I found online for lunch. It was heavenly. I had cachapas with Guyanesa cheese. This is a cheese that is native to Venezuela, in fact it is illegal to export. Luckily the owner of the restaurant knows how to make and its produced locally. I never thought I’d taste it again. I also had a little bit of an arepa with carne mechada, a kind of corn cake sliced open on the side with spiced shredded beef. We had yucca frita and cafe con leche, a strong Venezuelan coffee with steamed milk. I even had a little bit of Frescolita, a strawberry soda. I took home some Venezuelan chocolate for another day. It’s just been a fabulous time.

I look forward to church tomorrow. I’ve missed my ministers. I’ve also missed my little Tucker dog who I will see tonight.


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