High Tea and Workin’ For A Livin’

I only have a moment to write but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about my first day at work. I liked the manager very much. His name is Casey and he is warm and has excellent instincts as a manager. It looks like he is at the beginning of overhauling a somewhat broken system so it is nice to think I might be able to help him in some small way. He offered me an extra night of training tonight and I took it, because we ended up getting a little busy by their standards last night. The young lady who was assigned to train me, was less than enthusiatic about letting me assist her so that wasn’t fun. I did however, end up getting to talk to one really nice family and hope to wait on them myself one day. I know I did a good job because they left my trainer a great tip, and tips aren’t standard at this country club. There is a service charge added to the check and supposedly we get 2% of the pooled service charge added to our checks though many of the staff complained in my hearing that this wasn’t so. I was happy I got her a good tip. We get paid $8 an hour though so we don’t have to worry about tips, but if you are trying to pay rent with that I can understand why you would wish for tips. The people we waited on were very nice in general. I did hear one kind of racist conversation near the end of the night but I just rebutted in my head as I cleaned and reset the table nearby. That made me feel better.

I am off to have tea with my Spiritual Director and dear friend, the Assistant Rector at St.John’s. We are doing a kind of follow up to my internship. I plan on writing a more in depth review of Tropical Thunder later after a couple of conversations with people. The discussions have sparked some reflection I’d like to get down.

Barack Obama is supposed to announce his VP pick anytime now and I am hoping he will pick Kathleen Sebelius. I really like her.


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