Past Poetic

Seeing as how I am taking advanced creative writing this semester and will be focusing on poetry, I thought I would post some of my older verse. Then as I compose newer works I can compare it against my previous poems for a kind of before and after benchmark of my learning. I consider this kind of substandard fare so I see lots of room for improvement.

by St.Jon Clark

Why does my heart soften
When yours fails you?
Light rises in my breast
And strength flows through me.
In comforting you
I am more than myself.

Compassion flushes, floods, infuses
My arms enfold
When I speak it’s as if
I’ve swallowed stars…
Fire and honey season
My tongue.

Though these words are
Not mine, flowing from the spirit
From soul to lip.

Others wonder at my love for you.
I confess, I do as well.
And then I am taken
By the sadness
In the set of your shoulders
In the words of despair that you build
Into prisons of darkness.

I hold you close, yet see
The light fading in your eyes
And I catch it, and your hand
In mine.
To somehow
Spark and rekindle
Hope in you.

On Princes and Huntsmen
By St.Jon Clark

Somehow I believed
When I touched your hand
Felt the Current pass through me
The circuit complete
That you had felt it

For a while you even had me fooled
Long calls and sweet words
Gallant and decorous…
Even chaste kisses that bespoke
Passion barely restrained
You had all the hallmarks of
A Prince.

But now I wonder if it
Was all a dream
As the distance grows between us
Days go by without your voice
Your hands do not seek mine
There is no call to dance
Or moments of glowing
Smiling euphoria

Your long absences
To work, to woods
To fulfill duties far
Make me wonder
If you are forest bound
Armed for sport
Or kill?

As I sit here in silence,
I imagine you are oblivious
To my anguish and am
I can no more tell you of my pain than
I can fly. For if you are
Mine, than surely you
Would know…and if
Not, than it is certain
Suicide to bare my heart
For your blade.

So I wait
Locked in a coffin of
Ice, frozen on the outside
Heart aflame and consuming me
Utterly paralyzed
Snow White, at the mercy of
Your kiss.

Tonight’s Song of the moment is a long time favorite that I find especially soothing and calming. It orders my soul. Mozart’s Serenade for Winds; K. 361; 3rd Movement


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