“God is happy… he plays with us.”

I just saw the trailer for The Soloist with Robert Downey Jr. and I can’t wait to see it. Here’s the clip.

This weekend the new Coen brothers film comes out, Burn After Reading, starring Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand and George Clooney. Should be wonderful. I work tomorrow night and Saturday night. I’ve started looking for a place and a car. School is in full swing. Today I drew a still life that actually resembled the objects I was drawing. It’s difficult to keep myself from being intimidated by the people who are trying to be good. (And succeeding I might add) I just need to focus on learning how to take my own baby steps, that’s what beginning classes are for. Not to produce wonderful works of art, or win praise, but to feel safe to try, fail, and learn. My poetry professor said that this is exactly the environment he wants for our writing class. But then he asked me how I felt about bringing my intensely personal poetry in for review. Hmmm. Why? Is there something wrong with me bringing in _my_ flawed works? 🙂

Anyway, I mentioned in an answer to his intro question about who my audience is that I write for myself. This blog too, come to think of it. The poetry is a way of releasing emotional pressure, of thinking things through, of exposing truths to myself that sometimes I can’t bear to see any other way. But once I put them on the page, I don’t really feel attached to them. They become a moment in time. If people have feedback and I implement it, it becomes a whole new poem, or moment in time, reflective of a completely different but equally valid experience. One of collaboration. So I think I’ll be fine. Plus I just love poetry so much I can’t think it will bother me to heed others advice. Especially since I admire their work.

I heard more about the learning trip to France today. It’s like $3k without travel expenses. The office that is sponsoring it said they have some travel expense scholarships but still the cost of the session itself is pretty high. I need to talk to Fin. Aid. I think the only thing available is the Hobby $500 grant. That’s not enough.

My lovely daughter called today and we had a nice talk about love and stuff. We ended with our thoughts on the nature of hell. She informed me that my description of it sounded suspiciously like that of a Buddhist. Humph. What’s wrong with that? I think I will have to pray about it. I prefer to see the connections between things, not the artificial separations we have created to navigate the world.

Obama and McCain had a very civil, engaged discussion about service tonight during a national forum on the topic. I felt reassured that no matter who is elected, we will be in infinitely better hands. Of course I personally love the way Obama thinks after reading the Audacity of Hope and think he has a more forward looking, realistic, adaptable way of problem solving that could make a serious dent in some of the issues facing our great nation. I just can’t get on board with the fanatical Palin woman though. Anyone who hasn’t studied the Bible enough to know that you simply cannot take it literally, from a translation standpoint alone, has no business being entrusted with anything like power over the masses.

Besides, the Bible is a living, breathing document, the Word of God. We understand and find revelation in it continuously. It is the idea of an Entity that could produce a work that could live and evolve as humanity has, following along with our ability to understand it, that is so awe inspiring that you begin to grasp how far beyond human comprehension is the nature of God.

It gives you a tiny inkling. A hint of him. Like a flash of silver beneath the water as a fish darts into the reeds.

A good thought to dream on.


One thought on ““God is happy… he plays with us.”

  1. I’m thinking that you’re attending Hollins, maybe as a Horizon student (or maybe one of the Masters program?). As a Hollins alum myself and a Botetourt County resident, I want to welcome you to the area, even if you’ve been here a while (I just recently found your blog and I’ve added you as a link on my blog in my local section).

    My blog is http://bluecountrymagic.blogspot.com if you’re interested. Check out the local links section: The Virginia Scribe is also a Hollins student so you might want to visit her blog, too.


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