Warning: Girly Stuff Ahead

Tonight I decided to go to Metro and indulge myself a little. A very little. Honestly I am a little stressed out about my mother moving away. I knew it was coming and I am cool with it, but it doesn’t make me happy. I will miss having her at home at night, caring whether I am home or not, eating or not, healthy or not. It makes me long for the days of salon visits and retail therapy. What I wouldn’t give for a mani/pedi, a decent salon hair treatment and a facial. I’d love to follow that up with an afternoon of shopping at some of my favorite stores, J. Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic and the Apple Store. Sigh. Maybe a little detour into Williams-Sonoma.

Those were the days. When money and things ruled my life. 🙂

Just kidding. There definitely is a part of me that misses that lifestyle, but its a very small part.

So tonight I used a great little coupon I got in email after signing up to Metro’s mailing list. 50% off an appetizer. I was helped by a very earnest gentleman named Justin. I started with my usual Lavender Earl Grey Tea by the Republic of Tea. I once complained that they didn’t have Rooibos or English Breakfast tea at Metro, but it was there that I first was forced to try this version of Earl Grey and it is now my current addiction. For a starter, I decided to try their French Onion Soup. I’ve been eying it for a while and I wondered how it was. It was boiling hot but delicious. They used one of their now Perfect yeast rolls as a crouton. I especially liked the Gruyere they had grated into the soup. Yummy.

For my entree I got another appetizer. I chose a repeat of the miso glazed beef I had last time on a smear of apple butter. It wasn’t the Kobe beef that they originally featured, but it was still flavorful, rare and delicious. I had the Pot du Creme, and felt a nice little purr settle in my tummy.

This was my second trip to Metro in the last week and a half. I met a colleague who leads the youth ministry from church there last week and we had a wonderful meal on the sidewalk outside. It’s a great time of year to eat in their outdoor dining area. We enjoyed the sushi happy hour. (50% off from 6-7 every day on all sushi) I always order the same thing, a shrimp tempura roll, no tobiko, add cucumber and add avocado. We split some edamame, which is outstanding there. It’s dressed with sea salt and lime. My entire meal with the sushi, edamame, tea and the usual pot du creme was under $20 including a 20% tip. I always tip a minimum of 20%.

I don’t want to get too much into politics or the financial crisis because it make me a tiny bit aggravated. OK, a lot aggravated. I find myself agreeing with Dennis Kucinich about the idea of trying a New Deal approach, a bottom up investment into the infrastructure of this country rather than this immoral idea of investing into the top of the economy and hoping it will trickle down.

My poetry was workshopped and will require a lot of revision. I am pining a bit for my absent loved one. He lives in a city two hours away and when I mapped my semester, I made sure to be busy beyond belief. I planned on not dating or being involved. I certainly did not plan on him. I think about Fall Formal and try to find a Sari to wear. The theme is “Marigold Dreams” and it is loosely based on Monsoon Wedding, or the idea of a modern Indian Wedding. So everyone is planning on wearing a Sari for the girls and Indian attire, Nehru jackets or Jodphuri suits for the guys, the food will be Indian and we’ll have performers, mendhi for our hands and a themed specialty drink.

I just want to be beautiful and be light as a feather. I am getting a bunch of my friends to go too and can’t wait to dance and be surrounded by people I care about. There’s something magical about a dance. Especially a formal dance. It brings out the fairy tale in every girl and it’s romantic to be at a ball accompanied by a handsome prince.


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