Stay Tuned

The Veranda Cafe is adjacent to a gas station right near Hollins University and they offer a 5% discount to students and teachers. I’ve been eating there at least once a week since I heard about the place because they make an absolutely amazing Stromboli. It’s really their pizza crust wrapped around cheese and pepperoni with a robust, tangy tomato sauce to dip it in. A few nights ago I ate there with my friend Leigh and I also sampled their homemade baklava. It was filled with crushed nuts and honey layered between flaky phyllo. Still warm. The menu features many Greek items as well. I especially liked the chicken and rice soup flavored with lemon.

No boyfriend visit this weekend and mom is in Richmond working at the new job. Dog sitting for a friend from church. I’m looking at a new place for me tomorrow. So many wonderful shows on TV. The Office is back on, and Pam and Jim are engaged. It was so romantic! Heroes is just rockin’ my world. I’m still totally in love with Peter Petrelli, after all, according to a Facebook quiz I AM Peter Petrelli. Grey’s Anatomy is OK…but not sure if I like it as much as last season. I am enjoying Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dirty Sexy Money.

Monday is “Chalk it Out” at school. That’s an event the Spiritual and Religious Life are sponsoring where we are putting a couple of big chalk boards that we made out and writing a question on it while encouraging students to write their answers in chalk. Since Monday is the KickOff we are doing Karaoke and unveiling the new logo we selected at it too. I also have to write a couple of new poems to turn in this week.

I’m deep into the process of writing the liturgy for the Goth Eucharist on the 22nd. I’ve asked one of my fellow students to DJ the music I’ve selected and I am working on the leaflet . I’ll recruit ushers on Monday. I will ask Lisa about putting it in next Sundays bulletin at St.John’s. I finished the advertisement this morning for school.

Wednesday I meet with the Bishop. It’s the first official step to starting the discernment process in the Episcopal church. If approved, my rector, Barkley Thompson, will select a group of parishioners to meet with me for six months to determine if my call is a true one. If it is, they will recommend me to the Vestry. If they approve me, they will recommend me to the Commission on Ministry. Then they decide what to do with me.

Starting on Wednesday night I’ll be on Fall break, and I am going to Greensboro to meet my boyfriend’s mother and stepfather. We plan on seeing Max Payne late Thursday night, and then on Friday we’ll drive to West Virginia to meet his father and stepmother. So a big weekend/fall break for me. Actually, kind of a big week all around.

Oh yeah and the RedSox won tonight!


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