Jesus was a Jew, and Vampires are SEXY

I should probably be sleeping, but instead I am watching the incredibly addictive HBO show TrueBlood. I like the irresistible attraction between the two lead characters, a Vampire named Bill, a former Confederate soldier and Sookie, a telepathic waitress. I love Bill’s obsessive protectiveness of her. She is also tender with him. Very sweet love story.

I worked for several hours on the Goth Eucharist liturgy tonight. After the Gathering at St.John’s, the Reverend Barkley Thompson led such an interesting class on the nature of the Trinity. It made me wonder what I think about the Trinity. I’ve definitely got a clear idea. Listening to Barkley describe some of the arguments theologians have made about the reason for and nature of the Trinity was fascinating. I am also in a Philosophy class at school filled with non-believers. When we read Augustine and Aquinas they found it easier to dismiss them because of their “basic backwards rationalization of a forgone conclusion”. They already believed, now they were just looking for reasons to support existing belief.

Barkley described God the Father as an ongoing force for creation, if we, the universe, galaxy…everything, are a bubble, we are being cradled in the ocean that is God the father and moment by moment he keeps us in existence by his will in creation. If at the beginning there was creation, when it began to be ordered there was the word, or Logos, and that word was God the son, and it is how he entered into the physical world and interacted with it, and how all things were made and for which all things were made. God the Holy Spirit is the breath that animates all life, the driving force that moves the universe. I think there’s probably more to it than that. Barkley now has his own blog which links from the new St.John’s website. It’s called The Rector’s Page and you can get to it by looking in the “Links to Related Sites” list over on the right. It’s definitely worth a look see.
I just sent him an email asking for extra info. It’s my fault for missing the actual class on the Trinity.

This Sunday’s actual class was about Jesus: who he was and his life and ministry. Barkley started off by dispelling some of the usual myths: Jesus was not a Western European, he probably looked more like this face made by a Forensic Specialist who created it from the skull of a Jewish man from the same time and place as Jesus and with the same skin tones as those used in frescoes and art found in the area. Like the picture below.That he didn’t float. That he was in fact a Jew, and not a Christian.
No real shockers for me, but surely some in the room felt that jolt of surprise I felt the first time someone said “Jesus was a Jew” to me.

Jewish Jesus

Perhaps not. They are a sophisticated bunch. Very smart and well read. I will share my views on the Trinity later, after I have had time to absorb these new ideas. I have been re-reading the Gospel of John, my favorite Gospel. I especially like this audio version I came across called “The Bible Experience: John“. Check it out. I am now at school after a successful Chalk It Out. The ChalkBoards came out wonderfully and the Karaoke was so successful I think we need to make this a regular event. It generated a ton of interest and we filled all the chalk boards. It will be good for us to be able to interact with the community on a weekly basis this way. To be visible and for them to get to know us and to know who we are. Plus we can order t-shirts and start selling them. Our logo is so cool that I think we can sell them like hotcakes. A lot of people asked who we were and what group we were with which is kind of neat. I also went to the Meditation chapel and worked on getting it sorted out a little. I have the vision in my mind now of what I want. I need to get a bag of sand, a lot of pillar candles and a ton of votives, luminaries and about 75 or so tea lights. Jan, the school Chaplain is going to see if Christ Church can loan us their censor or at least their brazier to burn incense on. Things are coming together, God willing, we will pull this Eucharist off.


So...what do you think?

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