My Goth Eucharist Ad

Here’s the cool ad I made for the Goth Eucharist

Goth Eucharist

Goth Eucharist

Weekly Wednesday Worship Kicks Off with the celebration of a GOTH EUCHARIST

Featuring incense, lots of candles, modern music
Celebrated in the Episcopal Tradition
A Fresh Expression of faith

Where: Meditation Chapel at Hollins University
When: Wednesday, October 22, 2008
4:30 p.m.

“If The World Hates You… Remember, It Hated Me First.”-John 15:18

You can learn more about the history of the Goth Eucharist at

We are using an adapted version for the US debut!
Celebrant: The Reverend Lisa Graves from St.John’s Episcopal Church in Roanoke
Meditation: by Student Chaplain, St.Jon Clark
Music: Orchestrated by DJ Christina Domingues


2 thoughts on “My Goth Eucharist Ad

  1. I am wondering if you only had a Goth Eucharist for the kick off in the fall. Also, I take it that you were also in someway involved in the planning of the service as well, is that right?
    I am Goth and a pastor in Chicago, and I am in the process of writing an article for a local Goth magazine on Goth Eucharists.
    I would like to know what it was like and why it had been decided to have a Goth Eucharist. Were their Goths involved in the planning? Did Goths attend? I have other questions as well.
    If you have time I’d love to interview you by e-mail.


  2. Hi there,

    I actually decided to attempt to adapt the liturgy as my chaplaincy project for that semester to see if it would attract the Goths and any other girls who felt left out on Hollins campus. I was a Goth when I was younger and I wanted to make the worship space feel more like the refuge I feel it can be for those of us who sometimes are outside the world’s refrain. I feel called to that ministry. In this aspect I was not very successful.

    I planned every bit of the service. Liturgy, prepared the chapel, recruited helpers, selected the music, advertised it, arranged a celebrant and assisted at the service as well as giving the homily.

    It just so happened that as a group of student chaplains we decided to attempt to restart weekly services and my liturgy was closer to ready to go so it was selected for the kick off event.

    The event was almost everything I hoped it would be. I posted my experience of it:

    I used the Goth Eucharist site in Cambridge and the New Zealand Prayer Book along with guidance from one of my priests to come up with my liturgy. I am in DC in the last few days of my internship but would be happy to send you a copy of the leaflet I produced when I get back on campus if you are interested.

    The positives for me were: this was an on campus learning activity, and the mechanics and ceremony all went well. It was a reverent, meaningful worship. We had people in the chapel. Not a lot, but some. We even got a great little story in the school paper.

    Negatives: the audience I tried to reach did not respond. There was also a major unexpected conflict that day. We have an annual event call Tinker Day, an unannounced “day off” where all classes are canceled and everyone hikes up a local mountain in costumes to eat fried chicken and perform skits. You never know what day it will be. It isn’t announced until 7 a.m. the day of, with bells ringing and people running through residence halls shouting. Just my luck it was the day of my event, so that was a total crowd killer. Everyone was either off campus enjoying their unexpected free day, or crashed after coming down off the mountain.

    My plan is to work on something similar this semester, though maybe varying my approach to explore an Anglo-Catholic service. We have a large group of Catholics who just moved on campus and we have not been able to get a Catholic priest to come on campus and perform a Mass. Alternately I might try a Celtic Eucharist or a u2charist.

    Basically I am exploring ways of connecting with the people on campus, through music, changes in the form of ritual and the different moods each can create.


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