Ruminating silently… alas

I say silently because I have lost my voice.

Lately I have become something of a regular listener to several Christian pop musicians. It all started in Sunday school. We’ve introduced a new less “craft based” curriculum and we also have a large age range in the class so I’ve tried to play some of the videos from the older Live Big curriculum we used last year. It features mainstream artists and most of the kids just get glued to the TV when it comes on. I noted down the names of some of the artists that appealed to them and then purchased them from iTunes. I am planning on burning a CD for them for this Sunday.

My favorites are:


Phil Wickham

Krystal Meyers

Brandon Heath

The kids love this song called “Dive” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Mom has purchased me a used Nissan Sentra and I will get it at the end of the month. Her stuff will get moved on the 13th and I will be moving on the 15th. My housewarming/jewelry party is supposed to be on the 16th. I had lunch with my new roommate today and I look forward to hanging out with her. Fall formal is this Saturday and I and my group of friends are very excited about that.I also have a terrible cold. Laryngitis. It started with a vicious three day migraine over the weekend.  I am a pretty bad patient. I usually refuse to rest and attempt to go on as if there is nothing wrong until I either pass out or end up in the hospital. I am due to turn in poetry this week.

There is the election of course. I am sitting here writing while sweating out the wait for the results of the biggest election of my lifetime so far. I voted early and eagerly. I’ve been champing at the bit. I just want Obama to win and be done with it. I need the hope. We are seconds to some projections.

Vermont to Obama
Kentucky to McCain

All else still too close to call. The tension is unbearable. I think my heart will just break if this election goes against Obama.
So I pray.

I was directed during prayer to hold off on visiting Yale so I canceled that trip. I was thrilled to be awarded a competitive internship in DC. I’ll get to work at the “Church of the President’s” right across the street from the White House. I have planned my Spring schedule and I am going to try and switch to working weeknights instead of weekends.

Much cheering on TV since Obama has picked up a few more states! He is leading in the electoral count 102 to 34. We are still waiting on Virginia.

Recently ate at Tony Pope’s. I have always had wonderful meals there. The food is probably the best in town. The only complaint you can make about it is the service which is not bad, just so unaware and inexperienced as to be incompetent. Young. But every time I go there, Tony Pope himself has in some way made the night special. When I called to see what was on the menu, I left a message asking about it. He personally called back and left me a message with the details of the night’s menu. When they were out of what I wanted, I asked if he could just make me some pasta with vegetables, which was the side, but he offered me anything on the menu for the price of the missing entree. I had the steak! It was so delicious. Perfectly cooked.I was very happy with the meal, it was the best I’ve had in Roanoke.

I recently had dinner at 202. I’d eaten there before, about a year ago when they first opened. I tried it a few times, but thought the chef used too many ingredients and tried too hard to justify the over priced menu. Things have changed. The vibe is laid back, prices lower and the service is attentive, professional and expert. Probably some of the best service I’ve had in Roanoke. I ordered Truffled Gnocchi and Carpaccio. The Gnocchi came out quickly, was cooked perfectly, and had delicious crumbles of blue cheese casually scattered throughout. I ate it in a jiffy. It’s a small plate, actually an appetizer, and scrumptious. They have a nice brand of tea called Tea Forte there as well. The server brought me out “one perfect scallop” compliments of the chef. I’ve never eaten a scallop, I don’t really eat seafood, except for shrimp and crab. Shrimp because they are basically brainless and crab because they are mean scavengers that pinch children, kill fish and deserve to die.

So she brought me this scallop, which I felt I then HAD to taste. I might not be a big scallop fan, but it was extremely fresh, cooked to an exact translucent temperature, and browned golden on top. It was served with some delectable little sauce smears. After sampling it, my carpaccio was served, and it was tender and sweet, and not nearly enough. I finished my meal with a well executed classic creme brulee. The portion was large. I would have preferred a mini dessert like Metro.

I miss my daughter, I miss my voice. I hate being sick. 😦

I think I need something warm to drink for my throat.

On the bright side, any minute now, Obama is going to win the Presidency!!!

What a happy, happy day.


One thought on “Ruminating silently… alas

  1. Here is my favorite gargle for laryngitis:

    1 cup apple cider vinegar
    4 tbsp honey
    2 tbsp salt
    1/2 tsp tabasco sauce

    heat until mixed; do not boil.

    use 1 tbsp per 1/4 cup warm water

    Hope you feel better.


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