I’m a grandma! My grandson was born on September 3, 2009 around 5 p.m. My daughter had to have a c-section because he was breech and the cord was wrapped around his neck. He only weighed 5 lbs and 10 oz  but he is Mega adorable. His name is Muhammad. I can see a lot of nickname potential in that name. (Ham, Hambone, Mad) I am so happy my daughter made it through OK and I plan on visiting them n October.

School is back in session and I love my classes. I am taking intro to Spanish. The Professor is great, she is married to my Philosophy professor from last semester. She is from Venezuela so her accent is just like mine from when I lived there as a child. I am realizing how much Spanish I actually know. Good class.

My hardest class is Theories and Methods in the study of Religion. There are only 5 of us in the class and we will be learning about ways of researching and writing about religion. This will help me with my thesis. With Professor Schumm’s help I have narrowed it down to having to do with the evolution of the Episcopal church. I’ll look at the newer trend of reading the bible metaphorically and the emerging church movement’s influence upon clergy.

I am also taking intro to computer science which is a fun light class. The teacher is nice. She passes out candy and is very friendly. We are learning about how to use PowerPoint at the moment and I expect us to progress right into coding a site in HTML this semester. All of which I already know how to do, but the class will document that knowledge on my transcript and fulfill my last remaining required class.

I decided not to be a student chaplain this semester. Working and attending school at the same time, with the thesis in progress will use up too much of my time.

I also hope to get a newer used car soon. Mine is a clunker but gets good gas mileage. I’d feel better about trips to DC and Richmond with a newer model.


Things are pretty great right now. I am happy. I feel good about everything and have so much to look forward to in the next few months. Not only the visit to see my daughter and grandbaby but the Holidays, moving to a new place when my lease is up, taking trips to check out seminaries this fall and of course, Fall Formal.

I worked out today at the gym at school. I have a nice break between two of my classes on Tuesday and Thursday and I plan on going to the gym then. I think I will also start staying after my class on Mondays and Wednesdays for a quick workout. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I usually work at Metro expediting food and making desserts.

So I am just going to bask in this moment. Smiling.


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