Holy moly do I have a lot of stuff. I went to the storage unit today to try and figure out if I could just move all my stuff from the apartment over there for the summer. Not so sure the bed and couch will fit, but if I throw away enough it might. The real dilemma is how to get it there. I hate to rent a truck just to take two big items. Sigh. Why don’t any of my friends have a pickup?! Maybe I can find someone on Craigslist. I found something to sell there in my storage unit. I also found my birth certificate, some clothes I’d been looking for and best of all the DVD from a whitewater rafting trip my daughter and I went on back in 2003 when she was 13. It’s totally awesome to watch it! Gosh I sure miss her and the fun stuff we used to do. My hair was a lot shorter and a lot blonder! While I am taking care of my mom I am going to write a bodice ripper and post it on Amazon Kindle to try and raise some funds to go see her. 🙂

That’s two things I want to write this summer. If I manage to pick up some online consulting it would be a blessing. I am looking forward to my mom’s pool. Their website says they have a fitness center with a racquetball court and sauna! I miss playing racquetball with my little brother. There is also a Target near her apartment that accepts iPhone payments at the Starbucks inside it. I am so there. I love playing with my gadgets. I have a tiny crack in the casing of my iPhone, it hasn’t affected it in any way but for sure I’ll have to use my upgrade when the new one comes out.

My dog is looking particularly adorable today. We’ve been walking along the Roanoke river regularly and it’s been hard to keep him out. He loves to swim, but I want to take him somewhere cleaner.

Tuck tries to go into the Roanoke river

Tuck tries to go into the Roanoke river

I thought I might go camping this weekend but it looks like I’ll be postponing that for a bit. When I do go, I’d like to go down to Cape Hatteras. They have 4 campgrounds on the beach. I went ahead and put my tent in my trunk so I’m prepared. 🙂

I was able to grab a couple of empty plastic containers which I am going to pack my books in. They are one of the hardest items on cardboard boxes. They just can’t hold up to the weight.

Tomorrow I will go back and do a little more (OK a lot more) throwing away. My goal is to get rid of 1/3 of my possessions every time I move. What that means is that the stuff that has actually made it this far from my childhood, through both marriages and into my new life are pretty important to me. OR, they are Bonnie’s. I have kept all her stuffed animals, books and personal stuff. She might want them sometime.

Hoping to see Sex and the City 2 tomorrow with my BFF Jennifer. Just two girls out on the town. Maybe we’ll have a martini first to get in the mood. I ❤ Frankie Rowland’s Chocolate Strawberry Martinis.

I am ridiculously excited about the premiere of Burn Notice tomorrow (yay Tivo) as well as…mmmm….TrueBlood on June 13th. I am so looking forward to what is going to happen between Eric and Sookie. Again, did I mention how good of a summer this is shaping up to be?


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